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Plazo adjudicación del Bar de Buenavista

Información Municipal: Se abre el plazo para la adjudicación de la concesión administrativa del bar de Buenavista.

Os mostramos el Pliego de claúsulas administrativas para concesión del Bar-Restaurantes de las Piscinas Municipales de Buenvista en la temporada 2016-2017 (lo podéis descargar en la parte inferior del documento).

Descargar (DOC, 60KB)

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  1. If you would educate yourself directly, by asking the leaders of the movement, attending a meeting, and listening to other than select media outlets that are just outlets for the administration, you would have the answer to your question. If you’ve not done this, no wonder you’re in the dark as to what it’s about. They surely have strong, clear goals. Don’t be so ignorant .

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  5. Hello Jenn & Marilina!We’ve listened to your requests and have added a Monday night 5:00pm to 6:00pm class and a Thrusday night class from 6:30pm to 7:30pm to accomodate those of you who work! The Thrusday night class will begin on October 8th, with the Monday night class starting Nov. 5th! We hope these 2 new classes will help allow you to practice with us!Namaste – Sarah & Zen Den Staff

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  16. Jeff (#20)Thank you for your response. I mentioned to my evangelical friend the skepticisms of Biblical veracity. His response was, “But they’ve found so much evidence that the Bible is true.” There was a double-standard for him about using archeological defenses for scripture. My response to him was much like the quote you shared. He was completely underwhelmed.Alas, like most everyone in the world, it is very difficult for us to change opinions and we become selective in our understanding. I think all of us are guilty of that from time to time.Thanks for the link.

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  19. Good stuff :-)Now, for an encore can they come back and point out the principle also applies beyond play? If they do maybe then I won’t be in the absurd position of requiring P7 pupils I’m doing Bikeability training with to wear crash helmets built to guard against minor injuries to mitigate a risk which is almost certainly far, far lower than they face playing tig or football in the playground once they’re back in school…

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