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Empleo: Proceso de selección de dos Socorristas

Seguimos apostando por el empleo, el Ayuntamiento de Buenavista abre el proceso de selección de dos socorristas para la temporada de verano. La presentación de instancias deberá realizarse en el ayuntamiento de Buenavista entre el 30 de mayo de 2016 y el 10 de junio de 2016, dentro del horario de oficina del mismo. Asimismo las bases, requisitos y baremos de contratación son las siguientes (en la parte inferior tenéis un enlace de descarga del documento)


Descargar (DOC, 41KB)


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  4. When you say “I take it to be true” that rape is wrong, does that mean that you take it that I also take it to be true? In other words if I took it to be fine to rape people, would you say that I am wrong? Or just that you think I am wrong?  Ian  

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  6. Fotos lindas, look lindo, jaqueta maravilhosa e óculos divino que eu olho e baaabo! HAHAHALinda, preciso dizer que tu me fez ter gosto pela maquiagem e ter vontade de aprender! Adorei o tutorial sem pincéis, realmente ficou super fácil pra gente que não tem essa imensidão de apetrechos que tu tem, hahaha. Beijão de Criciúma/SC :)[]

  7. i poured out my heart on my blog today and don't think i have the energy to do that again. but thanks for being a safe place for folks to share! my heart is in alabama with all of the cold, shivering survivors of the tornado. praying for healing and restoration and the wind of revival.

  8. I heard you guys say a few podcasts back that there were a few fancy bastards from Australia (I happen to be one!). But there isn't much love for us antipodeans on the podcast. I know we are a dungeon nation and the ever present threat of Dingo attack is a daily nuisance, but we also produce some mighty fine internet weirdness all our own.

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  12. Yes, he is right – in the “real world” of uncontrolled experimental factors (people and nature). Sorry, I forgot you were language driven – it was an nerd joke – tell your statistician friend that I was referring r squared for predicting unknown concentrations and then he’ll understand – although, I must say the day when one of our elders stood up to present a new year’s budget with a graph and a predicitive correlation of 0.79, I had to giggle.Now, ON WITH THE STORY MAN!!!

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  14. It was an awkwardly delivered speech. It wasn’t a poem in any sense, any more than Obama’s speech was a poem. Honestly, and you’ll taken offense to this probably, but when I was listening to it I sincerely felt like I was in church for a phone-it-in sermon. The cadance, the fleeting topical references, the mild self congratulating, the endlessness of it, it was all there.

  15. Silmäilijä, olen samaa mieltä siitä, että just tämän yksittäisen kappaleen heittämisen kieltäminen oli hölmöä. Varmaan on myös niin, että kiinteistön omistajan pitäisi yksittäisiä kappaleita laajemmin miettiä tilaisuuksien sopimista omaan arvomaailmaansa. Mutta kiinteistön omistajalla, oli sitten seurakunta, muu uskonnollinen yhdyskunta, poliittinen yhdistys, tai vaikka eläintenvapautusliike, on oikeus päättää, mitä sen omistamissa tiloissa tapahtuu.

  16. YEAH holiday, CELEBRATE I'm singing that Madonna song to you right now at the top of my lungs!!!!! I'm so excited for you and Jon to have this beautiful sunny escape just around the corner. What will we do without you Vix?!?!?!? I can't imagine your body every being in any other conviction than bikini ready. I do adore this vintage shawl with that bold and bright dress you look beautiful as always! Loadsoflove~Krista

  17. Awwww…this is so nice, Liz! So romantic (sigh). I was smiling the whole time I was reading this. Alam mo naman ako romantic, so I really like stories like this. I love your love story because it shows the power of love, di ba. You’re really so blessed to have each other. I pray for more beautiful years of you together. Regards.

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  21. Ah! You got me!, and I’ve actually added the topic of ‘wearing colourful socks at work’ to my list of forthcoming articles (along with “sports socks” and “casual socks”).I did briefly consider adding in a section as part of this post, but I felt that it actually warranted an article all to itself. Needless to say, I’ll definitely be writing it sooner than later!

  22. Ça c’est un classique. La fille te revire comme un malpropre et quand elle te voit avec une autre fille, elle devient livide… lolllConcernant l’attitude, je sais pas comment les filles peuvent affirmer sans rire qu’elles sont tannées de se faire achaler et en même temps se plaindre que les gars cruisent pas…. Mystère.

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  25. —Kate,This post was AMAZING.I love that you shared all of these priceless photos of you family.They are all beautiful.Yes! Your kids will Remember your times together….My boys are teens & they still talk about our time in England, Camping, The chocolate factory, The slides, Cooking outdoors…etc…Superb Blog. xxMy Inner Chick recently posted..

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  28. erm, sorry for strong language, but i was a bit… erm (you know, drinky dinky). still i'm pissed at the fact that such simple thing as counting favourites does not work and gets stuck on the upper limit even after removing them back below. the limit is silly in the first place but it not working is a double trouble. anyway… it's still true. war! our lovely corporate masahs.

  29. Fascinating as ever, Bill. Great to see the photos of the crew, and to hear about the endless resourcefulness of the farm Puja. The waterspouts are beautiful, and mysterious. The global warming business is so unpredictable. The ranges and habitats of many species are constantly being modified to keep up with the climate changes. Gives you guys one more thing to put attention on………..Love, Ciaran

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  31. Ha! Actually, you deserve the credit for two things about this blog, not just one. The first is the idea of blogging itself, the second is the idea of using wordpress. And I read that post over at Rich’s blog. Very insightful! And wow, he definitely gets some lively discussions in the comments! Very cool.

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  35. Hey Tommy!!!I like the photo of a guy tangled in a fishing net — nice symbolism.On the one hand, I think it’s perfectly reasonable to refuse to buy things from people who have spent their money to take away your rights. On the other hand, I almost wonder if someone out there in cyberspace is playing a game with me to see if I’ll give the same response to a “boycott Mormons” site as I gave to that anti-anti-Mormon hate site linked in the earlier comment… ;^)

  36. I found your thread quite interesting after reading it thoroughly.I personally believe in reincarnation. But what happens after death is all speculationlol.. I don’t think anyone here Has that answer.I know what you mean about some people receiving rewards for doing evil. It happens Everywhere! I live in America and I get it All the time. I just try to not let the actions of others Upset my inner peace. I just think, “I bet that guy goes home to a Wife with Warts”. Laugh and think about how good I have it. And Smile the rest of the Day

  37. Yes it does. And a lot more than that actually. There is a lot of protection from negative energies that people consciously or even unwittingly may send you. It clears “pipelines” to keep people from tapping into or sucking your energy (it often happens unconsciously). It clears fragmentations of the energy field above the 7th chakra that occur from being hit by all the high-tech frequencies. These create blockages to the spiritual energy entering the chakra system. Lots of great stuff

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  40. im 26, only father of one (7y/o boy) but i DO work full time (16/hrs per day) give or take, i try to have hobby’s, most of which revolve around my computer, my girlfriend, and my BBQ grille… i haven’t worked out since freshmen year of HS, >>Continued

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  42. Illdone, Katie Puckrik did indeed film an interview, and it was a pleasure — she's such a professional and fun to boot! She was kind of joking when she compared us to an old bickering married couple — we've got a relaxed, joshing and teasing kind of rapport, and, yes, we do argue now and then! As for the next episode, that won't be for quite a while yet…

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  46. Hello Christa! It was such an honoro to run audio for you at Manchester Meadows with Christabel. You have such a dymanic voice and musical style, I was in awe of God’s gift to you in singing. If you ever have a need for a percussion player / drummer player to fill in, I would be honored to help. Have an awesome Christfilled Christmas. Tommy Berry

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  48. Dearest Vix, you look gorgeous and that dress is stunning.I'm just waiting to be picked up to go and buy some food. Seeing your curry's making me want one.Jon looks great in the sheepskin and brogues. Looks like a good night out. I'd be happy with all of that. Expensive wine is wasted on me too. Can't wait for you to come to London. Love, C xx

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  52. I learned to not worry about not shaving…. BAHAHAHAHAHA! That is the one thing that always falls by the way side…I learned it really wasnt worth it to let comments from family and most specifically MOTHER IN LAW bug me… Regardless of how STUPID!I learned my husband is a great house wife (when hes home)..I learned I was def going to be a mummy of a few children!

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